CRICKET gets into a crypto frenzy: Rishabh Pant’s iconic moments to feature as NFTs soon!

Bollywood and cricket are the two most popular circles that go hand in hand in India, and the digital world brought it even closer over the past few years. They share an equal state of the glitz, glam and fandom. Anything and everything that soaks one of them, the other dives in immediately.

A few weeks after Big B’s announcement of his interest in the crypto world, Indian cricket’s latest and budding superstar Rishabh Pant has made himself available in the NFT (non-fungible tokens) market space.

Earlier this month, Rishabh Pant signed a deal with Rario to work out options for his NFT collectables in the crypto world. The cricket-based NFT company is eyeing moment cards and player cards of Indian players to sell and garner the interest of some of the iconic cricketers’ fans around the world.

Rishabh Pant’s iconic moments to feature as NFTs soon!

Just to give an idea of moment cards — moment batting, bowling or fielding moments cards are original raw footage videos of cricketers showcasing some of their high octane moments in batting, bowling or fielding. This is vastly different from player cards, or artefact cards (which grants access to iconic sports equipment used by cricketers)

It is believed that the auction for the top tier exclusive NFTs of superstar players would be done through an auction platform and the right of ownership shall be transferred to the highest bidder. Apart from the swashbuckling superstar, the agency has signed on Smriti Mandhana, Zaheer Khan, Shafali Verma, Shakib Al Hassan and Faf du Plessis to facilitate their NFT exclusives.

Dinesh Karthik has recently announced that his match-winning last-ball six against Bangladesh in the Nidhas trophy would soon feature as an exclusive in the NFT marketspace. A question of duplication may arise considering that the video has huge hits on the youtube channel. But here is the catch. The NFT would be an exclusive right taken from the copyright owners without watermarks. Such magical moments cannot be duplicated with bitsCrunch’s “Crunch Davinci’’ writing off any possibilities of counterfeiting and forgery!

With such events happening in a tight span, one would be curious about what comes of the iconic 2011 world cup six from MS. Dhoni!

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