Investor Spotlight — GenBlock Capital

We are pleased to announce that bitsCrunch will be backed by Genblock Capital, a venture capital out of the US that helps up and coming projects focused around blockchain and cryptocurrency reach their true potential. As the industry has diversified, so has Genblock’s investments, as they are now supporting projects in the NFT and metaverse space, plus projects on alternate blockchain ecosystems as well.

We at bitsCrunch are grateful for the support of Genblock Capital. With their help, we are able to further develop and expand into a vast territory with Genblock to help guide us. As they have been deeply immersed in the industry since 2017, not only does Genblock have knowledge and expertise, but is able to help bitsCrunch expand its exposure and reach to a wider community.

Bilal Junaid — Founder of Genblock Capital

“As bitsCrunch develops tools to safeguard everyday users, we see their product as an essential part of the ecosystem that is met with huge demand and little competition.”

About bitsCrunch

bitsCrunch is the Guardian of the NFT ecosystem. We are one of the top 4 AI companies in Munich, Germany that excels in Blockchain technology. We believe that blending a proven technology like Artificial Intelligence with Blockchain technology can do wonders and make the ecosystem much more safer and reliable ! Our mission is to create impactful insights from intricate data sources, by harnessing predictive analytical systems which are empowering organizations with actionable intelligence.

Our Products:

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bitsCrunch - The NFT Ecosystem Guardians

bitsCrunch - The NFT Ecosystem Guardians

Providing AI enabled secure services that protect the NFT ecosystem integrity, with a team of experts backed by the leaders in the industry.